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It's a new beginning. That means we don't have our first case studies up yet. In the meantime, here is work we've led in our past lives for ambitious startups and some of the most admired global brands.



Content that creates an emotional bound with the audience

Getting Apple, the ultimate ‘global’ American brand, to support and celebrate for the first time the creative culture of a local market. We worked with Oscar-winning French director Michel Gondry, to shot on iPhone a short film about the most French sporting event: Tour de France. It was complimented by a set of masterclasses from the master himself.

Watch the film here

Telling the product story on their favourite channels

To help launch Nike’s new flagship soccer boots, we followed the Chelsea FC megastar Eden Hazard. With a super agile content production team and a tight budget, social posts/stories were published in almost real-time across a variety of channels and formats (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube). This new process became a benchmark at Nike Europe for creating fast content that engages the social media, mobile-first youth.

Watch the stories here



Designing from scratch a product, brand identity and launch campaign

Created from scratch a new car accessory for the Infiniti range. The Sekker is a modern day compass that points to experiences rather than north. Using the Seeker as our guide, we launched a new Infinity car model in two unique journeys featuring Coolhunting founder Josh Rubin and photographer Michael Schulz.

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One of the most successful video games franchise, Assassin’s creed was stuck in the hardcore gamer territory. From a live action trailer, to exhibiting an Assassin's Creed painting in one of the largest museums in France, we catapulted the game into mainstream culture, making it the best selling game in the series history.

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